LearnHow to Send a Broadcast

Broadcasts are a one-time message sent to a segment (or all) of your subscribers. Broadcasts are a great way to communicate with your subscribers a new promotion, a new product release, back in stock notifications, whatever you want to send to them!

If you are sending a broadcast to a segment of your subscribers, be sure to create that segment prior to creating your broadcast.

Name Your Broadcast

You'll start by naming your broadcast. This name will be used to report analytics on the campaign.

Select a Segment

Next, you will select the segment you will send the broadcast to. You will have needed to make sure the segment of your subscribers you'd like to send the broadcast to is created prior to creating the broadcast.

Schedule the Broadcast

You can send your broadcast immediately, or you schedule the broadcast to be sent at a later date and time.

If you want to schedule your broadcast at a future date/time, check the 'Enable Schedule' checkbox. If you want to send the broadcast immediately, leave the checkbox unchecked. The broadcast will send at the date and time of your current location's timezone.

Write Your Message

Now it's time to write the message for your broadcast. You can upload an image, add shortcodes, include discount codes, and insert emojis.

Upload an Image

Select an image to upload and add to your text message by clicking the 'Upload an Image' button and selecting an image to upload. The image must be less than 2mb. To remove an image, simply click the 'Remove Image' button.

Adding images requires the message to be converted to a multimedia message and costs 3 credits per message.

Add Shortcodes

Shortcodes are placeholders for dynamic content that will be populated with data when each text message is sent. If the data doesn't exist, it will be left blank.

To add a Shortcode, simply click one of the shortcode labels and it will add it to your message.

Add Emojis

Add emojis to your message by simply clicking the emoji icon at the bottom right of the message input textarea.

Keep in mind emojis require a different kind of encoding than normal messages, and change the character limit to 70 characters per message from 160.

Add a Discount

To learn how to add a discount to your messages, check out this article

Save & Review

Next you will click 'Save & Review' to save your broadcast, then proceed to review before sending it.

Review & Send

Once you have saved your broadcast, you will be redirected to review the broadcast before you send/schedule it. On this screen you will see the scheudled date & time that the broadcast will be sent to, the estimated number of recipients, and the estimated credit cost.

Once you have review the broadcast, click the 'Schedule Broadcast' button to schedule it to send.

View Results

Once you have sent a broadcast, you can view the campaigns statistic by navigating to the 'Broadcast' page and clicking the 'Sent' tab.

You can then click the 'View' icon to view the statistics