LearnHow to Create Opt-in Forms

Opt-in forms are the primary way to grow your compliant SMS subscriber list. We provide all the tools to customize the design of your opt-in form.

Configuring Form Settings

Before your start configuring your form, you will need to have an automation to connect your form to. We create one for you when you install SMS Textify named 'New Subscriber'.

You'll start by configuring your opt-in form's settings. You'll start by giving your form a name.

Next, you will select the automation you want to connect your form to.

Now you will select whether you want the form to be a pop up set to a delay, or if you just want the form to show when the button is clicked.

If you select pop-up, you can set the pop-up delay in seconds.

Customize Colors

Once you have configured your settings, you can click the 'Colors' link to customize the form and button colors. You can use the color picker, or input your own hex codes to customize the color scheme of your form and button.

Customize Text & Fonts

Finally, you can click the 'Text' link to customize all the text on the form. You can customize the heading, description, input placeholder text, button, and disclaimer.

Additionally, you can customize the font family, font size, and font weight.

Save & Activate

Once you are done customizing your form, click the 'Save' button. Once the form is saved, you can activate the form by clicking.